Luxury Glow Powder

Luxury Glow Powder


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Are you ready for the Glo Up ?

Meet Our McdLuxuryCo powder is an amazing fine highlight that looks great on all complexions.

  • Honey Glo 
  • Glo Up
  • Diamond Glo

What it is:

It is a shimmering fine loose powder highlight with high shimmer and iridescent tones. 

Our powders are safe to use on the face, eyes, lips and body.

Bundle available for all three 


What it does: 

This powder adds a glow up to your routine. Mcd Luxury Glow Powders were created for all shade ranges and can be customized or mixed together for the perfect Glo! Apply it on your eyes, lips and face and get creative. 


Cruelty Free 



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