Tips for Closure and Frontal Wigs

1. We recommend to always co-wash your hair extensions before installation, toning, and dying process.


2. When detangling hair, we recommend you to use an Extension Hair Brush  or a wide tooth comb when caring for the hair.


3. Please start brushing from the end and work your way up to the weft of the extensions this will prevent excess amount of shedding and tangling than necessary.


4. We enforce all of our Divas  to use warm to cool water while washing your extensions.


5. We highly recommend to not cut the weft, please encourage your stylist to use the fold- over sewing method to prevent excess amount of shedding.


* We really advise all of our customers to co- wash if the hair does not have an excessive amount of oil build-up.

Sealing your wefts is always optional; however, we do encourage you to seal their wefts before installs.